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17 May 1986
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It is hard to tell someone who you are in just a few short lines. But I can try!

I graduated from Athens High School in 2004, and have changed so much since then. I'm now living, loving, and learning here at Mississippi University for Women (and smart men too!)I'm a junior psychology major and a history minor. I hope to be a wonderful child therapist one day. My college years have truly been the best years of my life.

I am originally from St.Louis but I moved to the south at age 11. However, I consider myself to be 100% southern belle and am proud of it. When im not living in the dorm, I live at home with my best friend who happens to be my mother and my evil stepfather :)

My Perfect Saturday would consist of a thunderstorm, staying in my pjs, and watching old movies all day long.

The Wreckers are my favorite band, Gone with the Wind is my favorite movie, and The Great Gatsby is my favorite book.

I love to travel ive been to several awesome places in the USA, and also to England and Italy. I have plans to go to Vegas for my 21st (woot!) So in case you are wondering I blow out my candles each year on May 17th.

I love late night talks, books, long naps, photography, road trips, country music, Italian dinners, Jesus,my Honda, clean sheets, old movies, procrastinating, old navy clothes, flip flops, my friends the misfits, the snooze button, the occasional cartoon, silly little travel trinkets, Gilmore girls,valentine's day, snow globes, and polar bears